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Traditional Thaimassage

Landstuhler Str. 19  •  66877 Ramstein - Miesenbach
Phone: 0 63 71 - 9 15 40 38
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 10-20 • Sat 10-19 Uhr or according to the arrangement
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Hints from Thai Smile in Ramstein

• Are there any erotic massages?
We do not offer erotic massages.

• Is there a way to take over costs?
Your employer may also contribute to health-promoting wellness treatments with up to € 500 per employee per year, depending on the requirements of German §§ 20 and 20a of the SGB V Steuergesetzbuch Since these voluntary social benefits provided by the employer in addition to the wage of work of the employer to improve the general state of health and occupational health promotion remain tax and insurance-free!

• I would like to give a massage. Are there any vouchers?
Yes, we offer vouchers.

• Can I have the visit paid for by the health insurance company?
We offer relaxing, wellness and healing massages for relaxation and health care.
Even though many of the exercises in physiotherapy come from the traditional thaimassage, the traditional Thaimassage is not recognized as a healing profession.
Our massage therapists are not naturopaths. Therefore, unfortunately, our service can not be settled by the health insurance company.

• Can I make the (Thai) massage stronger or weaker?
Yes, at any time. Contact us and tell us your wishes. Your feedback is important to us. We want you to feel comfortable.

• Can a voucher be redeemed in cash?
No , a voucher can only be exchanged for a service. It is not possible to have the voucher paid out in bar , nor is it possible to pay out an unused balance.

• Can I pay by credit card or debit card?
Not yet. Currently, only cash payment is possible.

• Can I eat and drink before the massage?
At least 30 minutes before the meal, do not eat anything or drink alcohol.

• When should I take a massage or consult a doctor before:
fresh operations
Bone fractures
severe rheumatic diseases (with inflammation)
severe heart disease (risk of myocardial infarction)
Vascular disorders with thrombosis (varicose veins)
acute infections, fever and cancer
large area inflammatory skin diseases
severe psychological and neurological disorders
Intervertebral disc disease
Skin diseases (also inflammation under the skin)
for varicose veins
in pregnancy

• What should I wear or bring:
For the traditional Thaimassage you should wear comfortable clothes, which is stretchy or not too tight. For example, a training suit.
No special clothing is needed for foot massage.
All the others take place in underpants.

• What should I consider:
Please inform our masseur / masseur about known health problems.
Of course, your information will be treated confidentially.
Please make an appointment in advance.
For more information, see here .

• How does a massage work?
You make an appointment and visit us at this time.
If the type of massage desired is not yet established, we will discuss your wishes beforehand.
You will have the opportunity to move or move in our treatment rooms.
You lie down on our treatment table or at foot massages sit on our foot massage.
When relaxing massage on the massage lounger, you get a towel placed over your abdomen.
The massage begins and you have the opportunity to inform our staff during the treatment if you want a softer or tougher treatment.
For more information about our individual massages, please see "Massages & Prices" / "Massages & quot;

• Who can redeem a voucher?
Anyone who submits a voucher can also use it.

• What are your opening hours?
To keep our prices stable, we do not have fixed opening times, but are trying to work by appointments.
For more information, see here .