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The traditional Thaimassage originated in India more than 2500 years ago and was developed there by monks to cure the suffering of protracted meditation.
As the founder of the traditional Thaimassage, the physician of King Bimbisara is considered in the former kingdom of Magadha, who used the Thaimassage to heal, alleviate or prevent suffering.
The Thaimassage has always been further developed and improved.
The traditional Thaimassage consists of passive yoga (stretching) and acupressure, which is why it is sometimes referred to as Thai Yoga Massage and is based on Ayurvedic teaching.
The traditional Thaimassage is therefore not a relaxing massage, it serves the health promotion and prevention, in the physiotherapy / physiotherapy elements of the thousand-year-long experience were taken over.
Since it is a health massage which also solves tension, it is possible that the first traditional Thaimassage during the first treatment is unpleasant.
In order to make the next treatments more pleasant and the muscles do not tighten again, we recommend a period of 7 days between the treatments not to exceed.

In the following areas the traditional Thaimassage can help and prevent them:
• Movement restrictions (general)
• Diseases of the movement apparatus, maladjustments
• muscular tensions and muscle shortening
• Arthritis, various joint diseases
• Pain, e.g. Back pain and knee pain
• Stress-related diseases, Such as sleep disorders, nervousness, shock, burn-out syndrome, tinnitus,
• Migraine, headache, nausea, and dizziness
• circulatory and circulatory disorders, blood pressure regulation disorders (hypertension, hypotonia)
• Real patients, For example in geriatrics (geriatrics)
• Neurological disorders and disorders, Such as multiple sclerosis, Parkinson's disease or stroke, numbness or paralysis symptoms • Menstrual problems
• Disorders of the digestive tract, constipation and diarrhea
• Energetic imbalance in the body
• Reduced body feeling, self-confidence and self-confidence

The following points have been scientifically proven:
• Acupressure stimulates the circulation of the blood, which causes an excitation of the metabolism and a reduction of stress hormones.
• In the stretching, the muscles can relax and shortened muscles are stretched (lengthened).
• The skeletal muscle system is influenced by the yogapositions, thus affecting the body and thus acts as a pain-relieving effect.
• The stretches and strains have an influence on the mobility.
• Blood flow and lymph flow are promoted.
• The internal organs are increased blood circulation and the metabolism is stimulated, which leads to a strengthening of the internal organs.

Please inform us before the treatment about physical discomfort, so that in the treatment to these can go.